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Excellence in ESG – environmental, social and governance

by | Jun 25, 2024

Winner: Arpin

Arpin International Group was chosen by the judges in this important category for its strong focus on all aspects of ESG – environmental, social and governance – issues.

“Arpin International Group’s ESG initiatives reflect the firm’s culture, mission and values, demonstrating the company’s efforts to provide distinctive, sustainable moving experiences for their customers, with choice on how to support global charities and causes, and to adopt environmentally responsible practices and standards,” noted the judges.

“It is great to see a strong focus on corporate governance through the use of a purpose-built platform to track and report ESG data and performance.”

Building resilience through sustainability

As an international moving company, Arpin began its ESG journey in 2009 when it undertook a company-wide analysis of its sustainability credentials. In 2010, Arpin began its carbon footprint reduction plan, turning its headquarters into a carbon-neutral workplace and later installing a solar roof to reduce its carbon footprint. It put in place measures to drive fleet efficiency and implemented a waste reduction and recycling programme.

In 2012, Arpin headquarters performed an energy assessment and as a result, converted all lighting to energy-saving LEDs. In 2017, Arpin Renewable Energy (ARE) helped establish the first municipal wind farm in Coventry, Rhode Island. ARE, a research and development company, explores and produces green alternatives applicable to the moving industry.

By integrating ESG considerations into Arpin’s decision-making processes, president Peter Arpin aims to create long-term value for the company’s stakeholders, while also contributing to a more sustainable and resilient world and future for everybody.

“Peter is a real environmentalist and has woven this culture throughout our company,” explained Karen Bannon, director of marketing and ESG at Arpin. “He has really driven this agenda forward and made it a priority. I really believe that is what more businesses need to do. They need to understand that we can’t regulate our way to a cleaner, brighter future. We have to have that passion and a desire to balance the economic expansion with job growth and our capital properly and appropriately.”

Measuring progress

Arpin is a fifth-generation, family-owned moving company. It has a purpose-built platform to track and report ESG data and performance. Way ahead of other companies in the moving industry, Arpin was the first company to perform the S-CORE Multi-purpose Sustainability Assessment offered by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

In 2022, Arpin unveiled its ‘Moving For A Cause’ campaign, which gives customers choices on how to support global charities and causes, enabling them to nominate which of five specially chosen good causes they would like Arpin to support.

The programme works by allowing each customer to choose between five global charities on the completion of their move. Arpin will then donate to that charity on behalf of the customer. Arpin also supports the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and operates a hardship fund for staff members who are struggling financially.

Collecting the award on behalf of Arpin International Group at the awards, Caroline Curik, member of Arpin’s Global Sustainability Committee and director of business development from Arpin’s German office, said, “Our management and our whole company around the world are really committed to sustainability and reacting to change. In one way, we still have a long way to go, but can make it all together. Thank you for this award.”

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The award was collected by Caroline Curik, director of business development Germany and member of Arpin International Group’s Global Sustainability Committee.

Winner: Arpin International Group


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