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Global Education, Learning & Development


Discover the vibrant and fast-growing international education sector which supports and enables economic growth around the world.

This Global Education section will help you to deal confidently with parents who need school places in their new location and who require support to enable them to take up an international assignment, a recruitment position or a local relocation move.

It is also important for employers to connect with and learn from International Schools, such as those highlighted as our Featured Schools, because of their:

  • wealth of knowledge,
  • teaching excellence,
  • cultural diversity,
  • flexibility,
  • understanding around relocation needs
  • expertise and deep understanding of the value of transitions care not only for the children, but the family as well, throughout their time at the school.


Exploring international education

We aim to provide everything you need to know about curriculums, education systems and the accreditation bodies. Discover more about the International Baccalaureate, popular and transferrable curriculum, the demand for English-medium learning, Mandarin, Spanish and routes to respected and world renowned universities, as well as top jobs in yet undefined careers of the future.

Choosing and applying for a school place

Researching appropriate schools, applying for places, and making a final choice are some of the most important items on a relocating parent’s to-do list. We provide the pointers to help you make informed decisons, if you are a parent and the understanding if you are an employer to support your employees to make difficult decisions. It has never been more important to support recruitment and retention against a background of extreme global skills shortages, cost control measures and disrupted supply chains causing organisations to reassess their global footprint and strategic locations.

Online schools offer education options for families anywhere in the world across a wealth of curriculums including the IB, British, American, French systems as well as for children with special learning needs.

Whether you need a school solution for a family move to a remote area, require a flexible education to support specific talents or health and wellbeing requirements there are excellent virtual schools with cutting edge technology to provide an education solution for your child.

Preparing child for new school

Higher education

Preparing young people for the next stage in their education is critical for international families. We explore Higher Education options around the world and current trends, cost and availability for expatriate families.  What you need to know to ensure your child accesses a university place in your home country without incurring additional fees.

Webinar & podcast resources

We have a wealth of webinars and podcasts showcasing schools and education leaders from locations around the world. Discover a wealth of information from top schools and educators that share insights on curriculum, learning styles, education trends and how to support your child into higher education and the workplace of the future.


Guides, Webinars & International Schools’ Fair

The International Education & Schools Fair

Sarah Murray Former NASA leader
Autumn Schools Fair International Education & Schools Fair
Find out more

The International Education & Schools Fair

Designed to coincide with the busy Autumn (November) and Spring (March) admission cycle, we host our online Schools’ Fair to showcase the schools that understand rolling admissions and how to support families on the move. This is your opportunity to visit our Featured School pages for a wealth of information on the culture of their school, experience a virtual school tour and view insightful videos designed for parent decision making.

Featured webinars

The International Education & Schools Fair 2023-24

Featured guide

International Education & Schools Articles 2023-24

Speaking beyond borders

Speaking beyond borders

Languages can give students confidence, identity and a greater understanding of each other in today’s shifting ...
What to consider when looking for an international school

What to consider when looking for an international school

Finding the right school is one of the top concerns for families making an international move. Sally Robinson ...
A class act: education of the future

A class act: education of the future

Covid turned education on its head and there is a growing movement of educators that feel it’s time for a serious ...
Get set for summer

Get set for summer

Make global connections, boost academics and learn new skills: summer schools can widen horizons on every level. ...
Augmented learning

Augmented learning

Technology is pushing schools to shake up their offering. Ledetta Asfa-Wossen spoke to Guillermo Delso Segovia, ...
Educating for the future: tomorrow’s students today

Educating for the future: tomorrow’s students today

Everyone is aware that schooling is not just about now, but also about preparing children and young people for ...

The International Education & Schools Guide Download

Guide to International Education & Schools

Our guide is packed with information from schools, education consultants and relocation professionals. It is designed to support parents, employers and relocation professionals to select an international or local school for children moving to a new location or reaching a new stage in their education journey.

The right school is the most important element of settling the whole family. The schools around the world featured in this section know how to support international families. It covers changes within the fast-paced international schools sector and covers some of the most important trends in education around the world today to keep you informed when making school choices. The guide is . 

International Education Guide 2022-23 Cover

Download the International Education & Schools Guide

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