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In this webinar, Tammy Murphy, Head of School at XWA in Singapore, discusses the school’s innovative educational approach. XWA, an international school with over 45 nationalities among its 1,000 students, is characterized by its inclusive community. Tammy, with 38 years of education experience, highlights the school’s strategic plan and the upcoming opening of a five-storey innovation hub in January, emphasizing a commitment to future-oriented education.

XCL World Academy in Singapore

The school’s approach goes beyond traditional academics, focusing on life skills, grit, and inquiry. Tammy Murphy introduces a 15-week curriculum on leadership and artificial intelligence for sixth graders, preparing students for a dynamic future. XWA offers diverse academic pathways, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme and advanced placement courses, allowing personalised tracks based on student interests.One of the webinar’s highlight is XWA’s Innovation Hub, primarily for grades nine through 12, featuring floors dedicated to design technology, e-sports, digital innovation (AR, VR), and science. Tammy Murphy underscores the importance of embracing technology, including artificial intelligence, with an ethical approach. The discussion also covers parent engagement, cultural support, and the school’s emphasis on creativity, arts, and music alongside academics. XWA fosters a supportive environment where teachers prioritise students’ holistic development. The webinar concludes with an emphasis on the school’s commitment to continuous learning and adaptability.


Tammy Murphy

A renowned educational leader, Mrs Murphy has received numerous state and national awards for her impact as an educator and leader in the United States. She has extensive experience with the International Baccalaureate Organisation overseeing the development of several IB Programmes at the primary and secondary levels. She has a proven reputation for inspiring a culture of improvement and collaboration among faculty and students. We are confident that her vision and leadership will guide our school towards continued growth and success.


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