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In this topical webinar discussion covering the latest developments in cross cultural transitions-care for globally mobile children and families, Fiona Murchie, Managing Editorial of Relocate Global speaks to Valérie Besanceney, Executive Director, SPAN (Safe Passage Across Networks) and Claudine Hakim Head of Transitions Care & Student Support and Zack Ekert, Head of Multilingualism at the International School of London.

Discover why positive transitions-care is important to support young learners to get the most out of education in a new school or their next stage of education. Learn why it is so important to support the whole family and to support native languages and bilingualism for the children and parents.

They explore why it is also important to support teachers and the whole school community as well as the students and staff, ‘the stayers’ who are the bedrock of an international school. Discover how SPAN (Safe Passage Across Networks) has developed and grown in recent years to provide new thinking and solutions for educators including research, programmes to train educators and admissions teams plus a proactive and supportive membership network.

Cross cultural positive transitions-care is at the heart of schools educating young people to take their place in a fast-changing world. International parents, and the corporate employers and relocation professionals supporting their moves will increasingly look for schools that provide excellent cross cultural positive transitions-care.


Valérie Besanceney

Valerie is an international education and transition consultant, passionate about helping families thrive through transitions. She is Dutch by birth, Swiss by nationality, and well-versed in cross-cultural awareness. Having moved often as a child, Valérie understands the challenges and impact of early transitions on your sense of identity and belonging as an adult. Valérie has been an international educator for the past 18 years in international schools and organizations across four continents. Valérie serves as the Executive Director of Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) and is the co-creator and co-facilitator of the SPAN certificate course on the Laws of Transitions.

Caludine Hakim

Claudine Hakim

Claudine is Head of Advancement, Transitions and Student Support at the International School of London (ISL) and was one of the founding Head Teachers at ISL Surrey and is the leader of the award winning ISL Crossroads Transitions programme.Having lived in three continents, Claudine is passionate about fostering well-balanced and inclusive international communities. Claudine is a member of the ECIS Admissions Special Interest Committee and is a Board member of Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) as Director of Partnerships.

Zack Ekert

Zack is a Head of Multilingualism at the International School of London (ISL) He is an Education leader and polyglot with over 14 years’ experience in teaching for schools, colleges, and businesses across many wide industries.


Fiona Murchie

Fiona Murchie Head shot 2023

Managing Editor, Relocate Global, Relocate Magazine and Think Global People