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XCL American Academy(XAA)

A group of ISKL teenage students
The International School for Pioneers, XCL American Academy (XAA), is situated in Singapore and caters to students aged 2 to 14. Our school is dedicated to providing an authentic learning environment deeply rooted in American values and personal character development.Our experienced faculty and staff are passionate about providing high-quality education and ensuring a safe and supportive atmosphere where students can thrive and reach their full potential.

We take immense pride in the close-knit nature of our community, which forms the very bedrock of our school. Despite our small size, we believe in the power of strong relationships among students, teachers, and parents, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.We offer a rigorous curriculum that is aligned with AERO and the US Common Core standards. In addition, we enrich our educational offerings with internationally recognised curriculum programs, such as the University of Chicago Everyday Math, Inspired Science, Second Step, and a comprehensive literacy approach using materials from Scholastic.Image of teacher with young students XAAAt XAA, we believe in equipping our students with the tools, mindset, and experiences necessary to become the pioneers of tomorrow. Our mission revolves around harnessing, guiding, and igniting the ‘Pioneering Spirit’ within each student. We encourage them to cultivate a challenger mindset and fulfil their potential while embracing core American values such as respect, honour and courage.“The school has a strong focus on providing a well-rounded education that develops both academic and personal skills in students, which is essential for their future success. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend this school to other families.” – Lorena Garcia and Santiago Alvarez, with children Daniela (6) and Mateo (2)


XCL group of students and teacher playing scrabbleOur commitment to hands-on, real-world learning sets XAA apart. XAA students participate in the PioneerTown programme, a unique experiential initiative that begins in elementary school. This programme offers our young learners the opportunity to immerse themselves in a large-scale town simulation, where they engage in role-playing experiences and take on various responsibilities in a self-contained economy.Through PioneerTown, students learn essential concepts spanning economics, business, negotiation, innovation, leadership, sales, commerce, and more. They do so with the guidance of top-tier educators and industry experts who support them in working on diverse entrepreneurial projects throughout the academic year. These projects cover areas like market research, financial literacy, legal systems, social impact, product design, business development, fundraising, and the fundamental aspects of launching and managing a business. Additionally, students gain insights into the intricacies of small-town governance.Through engaging and enjoyable activities, we carefully weave together lessons in basic economics while reinforcing cultural awareness, geography, math, science, language arts, and civics. This immersive experience is designed to leave a lasting impact and foster a lifelong passion for learning among our students.Image of teacher with children in classroom at XCLAA“I believe that all schools need to prepare children for the future, where we will see more rapid economic and social change than ever before, jobs that have not yet been created, technologies that have not yet been invented, and more severe environmental problems that will soon arise.To prepare students for the unknown, we adopted an educational approach that develops academic abilities alongside critical ‘human’ skills such as pioneering spirit, critical thinking, creativity, leadership, empathy, teamwork, grit, adaptivity, self-motivation, and digital proficiency. We also understand that every student is unique and will have different pathways in the future. We, as a school, believe that offering a balanced approach to education focused on both academic and soft skills is key to raising the next generation of pioneers, innovators, and change-makers.” Tammy Murphy, Superintendent and XCL CEO Singapore Schools.If you are interested in finding out more about XCL American Academy, reach out to our Admissions Team today.

School address: 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore, 768039

Contact number: +65 6230 422Emailadmissions@xaa.edu.sWebsite: https://www.xaa.edu.sgSoal Media





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