About this webinar

Constanze Schummer is the IB Co-ordinator at Salem Boarding School in Germany. She discusses with Fiona Murchie the growth of the International Baccaulerate (IB) in international education. She also considers the importance of a relational education, looking at the whole student’s growth, through all the interactions children have at school, in the classroom, in the boarding halls and in their extra-curricular activites.

As part of our International Education and Schools’ Fair 2023, we spoke to Constanze Schummer from Salem International Boarding School in Germany, about their unique approach to learning and their brilliant IB programme.

Constance explains how being a boarding school delivering the IB programme work together to equip students for the world. In the webinar she answers key questions such as:

  • How does an international educational ethos combined with a boarding school benefit the students?
  • Why a key part of the IB programme is focused on community activity, sports, languages and embracing different nationalities in the school.
  • How the IB programme and German language progamme work together.
  • Understanding how important the underlying education ethos is about serving others and doing good in the world.
  • Why the IB has grown significantly as an education programme in recent years.
  • How living at the school benefits the IB programme dramatically, giving them real-life experiences, helping students grow as people.