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Best serviced apartment provider – Global

by | Jun 25, 2024

Winner: Ocean Relocation

They found compelling evidence that Synergy had incorporated ESG principles throughout its activities. By developing new service solutions to meet group move demands, it had also produced significant resource and cost efficiencies.

Growth and innovation amid difficult market conditions

“This company has embraced a wide range of issues over the past year and is particularly commended for its efforts to improve data security, environmental sustainability and staff wellbeing,” the judges said.

“2023 was remarkable for Synergy. Despite last year’s challenging market conditions, we are proud to have flourished in the midst of adversity,” says Karen Mills, operations manager for Synergy EMEA.

Synergy expanded its inventory across Cork, Ireland and increased its operations and sales presence in Texas, USA. The company also acquired Primestone Housing Solutions, which meant it could offer a greater number of accommodation choices across the United States.

“In 2023, Synergy received an unprecedented number of requests for group accommodation solutions,” Karen says. “In one success story, Synergy identified an opportunity to save one client over EUR 10,000 by introducing a flexible apartment configuration programme. This particular client required a premium apartment experience for a group of international students in Dublin at a low budget – a big ask in one of Europe’s most expensive cities.”

The team collaborated with local partners to re-design its two-bedroom apartments into a top-tier yet budget friendly co-living experience, while maintaining sustainable revenue streams within Synergy.

Another key strategy has been to reduce emissions and focus on sustainability, incorporating ESG principles where possible. The Green Leaf programme enables guests to understand the environmental impact of their accommodation choices. Synergy offers detailed information on each apartment’s sustainability measures and emissions through a three-tiered ranking programme. This covers energy efficiency, waste reduction, carbon emissions, water and waste management and single-use plastic.

Using AI to support data security

Another highly innovative approach was to implement a 24-hour surveillance programme, which leverages AI to identify cyber threats and rank these threats based on severity.

Synergy also invests in its people and prioritises associate wellbeing. It reduced working hours from 40 hours to 37.5 a week, launched the RISE programme to provide people management training for junior and senior managers, and promoted 20 associates.

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The award was collected by Claire Barrie, vice president sales, Synergy Global Housing.






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