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Excellence in family support

by | Jun 25, 2024

Winner: NetExpat

Family support is vital to the success of an assignment and our award winner NetExpat knows how to provide it.

International moves are not just about ensuring the assignee is happy – but vitally, his or her family too. Children need to thrive in a new school and spouses to find employment or another way to integrate into their new surroundings.

The Excellence in Family Support Award recognises this and is for individuals and organisations which provide a specialist service to relocating employees and their families.

It’s an area our award winner NetExpat has 25 years’ experience of getting right as a leading provider for talent management, intercultural leadership solutions, and partner assistance to over 400 corporate clients including Continental AG, Deutsche Bank and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

NetExpat and its 500 employees provide assessment, training and coaching to expatriates, business travellers and non-mobile employees working on international teams. Crucially, the company also offers support to relocating partners with career and integration support and some powerful testimonials on the website.

“Our expertise and ability to evolve and constantly improve based on industry needs and client feedback sets us apart from our competitors,” says NetExpat in its entry statement.

Support on location

NetExpat believes the key to its success is its on-the-ground experts in over 85 countries, most of which have been expats themselves and understand the challenges first hand. “We understand the importance of human touch, particularly during the challenges a family can experience when moving to an unfamiliar country. As we have seen repeatedly, when the family is not happy, it is difficult for the employee to succeed.”

From New York to Tokyo, and everywhere in between, the company’s consultant team delivers a highly personalised experience that can start before a move and support family members through to repatriation. Each family is provided with a client services manager to help with every step of the process. Following a complimentary needs assessment call the employee and/or spouse is matched with one of the company’s local experts: “From learning about the local culture to finding a job as a relocating partner, and everything in between, our goal is to help families achieve a successful assignment.”

Positive feedback

With an average 97% satisfaction rate for all programmes, and an 84% success rate for job-search related programmes, NetExpat’s key performance indicators show families appreciate and value its approach. 

“The company ensures cost justification and return on investment, proving that looking after your mobile employees and their families will always pay off,” said the judges.

The happiness of the relocating partner is vital and NetExpat offers a range of support to them. “When a family feels as though their personal needs are being taken care of, they are more willing to relocate and complete an assignment.”

The judges were particularly impressed by the company’s agile response to the changing face of relocation. “NetExpat is responsive to the evolving profile of expats globally. Feedback from clients indicate that this is a company with heart who cares about its clients and brings empathy and understanding to its work. NetExpat individualises the programmes to meet the needs of all families.”

“It’s a pleasure to receive the award on behalf of our global teams who work the magic and deliver our service incredibly well each and every day,” said Des McKell, regional director for NetExpat.

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The award was collected by Alain Verstandig, president and Des McKell, SVP advisory and global partnerships, NetExpat.




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