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Excellence in talent development, deployment, & engagement

by | Jun 25, 2024

Winner: Eres Relocation Services

In a world where many companies claim people are their best asset, the winners of this award – Eres Relocation Services – is walking the talk. Eres is serious about talent: that of the companies it works with and its own team members.

To deliver high levels of relocation and immigration service support, this fast-growing international destination service provider has a future-focused five-point talent development plan to match the needs of its people, the company and its clients in a one-company ethos.

It recognises how people joining a company look for personal development opportunities, flexibility and a sense of belonging and offers these in a hugely successful, mutually beneficial and future-focused approach to talent development, deployment and engagement.

Building an international business

“People are extremely important in our business,” explained Elaine Héry, co-founder and managing partner at Eres Relocation, paying tribute to the whole Eres team as she collected the award. “For me, the most rewarding thing about leading Eres is recruiting the best people, building the team, then watching those people grow and develop and reach their full potential in their roles and teams.”

This leadership philosophy and approach have put the Barcelona-based business on a clear growth trajectory. Since its foundation in Spain in 2007 when Elaine and José Antonio de Ros merged their companies, Eres has grown to employ 95 people in nine European offices in six countries across the continent, with further expansion planned.

Driving Eres’s growth are its global recruitment plan, talent mapping and skills audits, supported by its online learning and employee exchange programmes. Together, these create and sustain integrated talent pipelines. It enables the company to deliver consistent, award-winning and highly valued services to clients and employees to achieve their career goals.

A talent framework for success

Importantly for a company where intercultural awareness, personal leadership and empathy play a significant role in service delivery, Eres provides its people with the training, development and support they need to do this. It also shares knowledge across its offices and teams internationally. Eres team members can work between offices on assignments as part of Eres Global Recruitment Plan. Local roles are advertised internally across the business, meaning talent can be recruited from the company’s talent pool.

The company’s Employee Map database supports this process. It records employees’ unique strengths and competencies, qualifications, languages and training opportunities. Alongside this is the Eres Academy, an online training and development platform for internal operations. The training offering also accents the development of soft skills, commercial and leadership capabilities that together will take the individual and company further.

As well as global recruiting, the Eres Eresmus Exchange offers team members the chance to swap jobs with colleagues for between two weeks and three months. Launched in summer 2023, 12 employees have exchanged already with many more waiting to participate and benefit from this enriching experience.

“It is heartening to see this fast-growing company investing in talent development this way,” the judges concluded, praising the forward-thinking of the company’s approach. “Eres is to be commended for its progressive approach and we hope they inspire more businesses to invest in their talent.”

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The award was collected by Elaine Héry, co-founder and managing director, Eres Relocation Services.






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