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by | Jul 6, 2023

This article is taken from the 2023 Relocate and Think Global People Awards supplement.

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Established in 2015, ReloQuest has made innovation foundational since its inception. The short-term business accommodation sourcing platform was created by expertise in the sector as a response to the previously time-consuming process of searching, securing and paying for housing options for globally mobile populations.

Today, ReloQuest’s ‘customer-first’ approach is constantly finessed in response to changing needs, fully scalable and saving clients over $200 million annually. As testament to its innovative approach and effectiveness, ReloQuest’s independent, market-leading and fully transparent solution for clients and their employees worldwide is used by many of the largest consulting firms, relocation and travel management companies.

Innovation as part of the DNA

This award celebrates and acknowledges ReloQuest’s significant impact on the day-to-day work of global mobility professionals and assignees through this constantly evolving technology, including AI and patent-pending applications, and personal round-the-clock, year-round customer service.

Commenting on why ReloQuest won in this fast-evolving and competitive sector, head judge Dr Sue Shortland, praised the company and its team for developing a comprehensive and innovative solution to managing global accommodation for those on the move and freeing up valuable time to focus on the human factor of relocation and assignment management. “This data management tool is critical because it supports the value-add of global mobility overall. This accommodation booking system combines very effectively a digital solution with a human, personalised backup system. This robust technological offering can only get better.”

Innovation is a constant for ReloQuest’s integrated suite of assignee, corporate and supply-chain software. The goal is to match and align with clients’ strategies and needs, supporting companies worldwide to thrive. Ilan Berkner, ReloQuest’s chief technology officer, explains: “We understand the importance of ensuring that our first-to-market solutions correspond to the complex, demanding and real-time environments our customers operate in. Together with our product team, we listen and work quickly to introduce new features to further enhance collaboration and integration with our customers.”

Technology improving the employee experience

With RQ Pro technology, travel and relocation managers have access to real-time data and reporting for effective budgeting. This includes a Service Tracker to provide and share accurate information with employees – essential to fulfilling duty-of-care obligations – as well as manage payments seamlessly and with transparency for compliance purposes.

ReloQuest’s platforms and software also enable global mobility managers to scale globally managed programmes, invaluable for onboarding large populations of interns for example. ReloQuest’s technology has the capability to manage whole populations as one, with centralised billing, 24/7 personal service, supply chain and lease management, welcome letters, option customisation, and supplier and rate transparency, which filters out price mark-ups by de-duplicating housing options and removing brokered accommodation. 

For assignees themselves, the desktop and mobile-enabled experience of searching, comparing, booking and managing accommodation and travel all in one place saves time. Arrangements can be tailored to individual schedules and preferences, linking this technology directly to overall employee experience and wellbeing.

Presenting the award, Georgina Hawkes, head of global mobility at HSBC Group Management Services, explained why technology so important for professionals like herself: “If you are managing a big global talent mobility function in a big organisation like I am, you can’t do it nowadays without technology. I’m instantly wired into all my stakeholders and technology enables me to do that.”

Collecting the award, Cornelia Montgomery, VP of supplier partnerships at ReloQuest, said: “We are so excited to win this award. Most of our team are based in the US and I know they work extremely hard to make ReloQuest what it is. They will be absolutely over the moon to win this award. Thank you so much.”

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