Starts March 2023

Relocate Global & Think Global People present

Spring Schools’ Fair

International Education & Schools’ Fair

For parents, employers and relocation professionals

Our International Education & Schools’ Fair is a virtual showcase

For parents, employers and relocation professionals exploring education options for relocating families, including schools and university admissions tips.

Where and when

This virtual event takes place in March 2023.

6th – 31st March 2023

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International Women's Day Event 2020
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About This Event


As schools host Open Days and Virtual Events this term for 2023 admissions, we showcase those that welcome international students not just at the start of a new academic year but at any time throughout the year to support families on the move.


Now is the perfect opportunity for international parents, employers, and relocation professionals to find out about schools, curriculum, online options, and plan for the next stage. Access featured schools and other useful information.

Explore a rich mix of content

Enjoy a rich mix of engaging content 24/7 including:

  • Virtual school tours
  • Webinars and video interviews with leading schools and educators
  • Opportunities for schools and pupils to take advantage of exciting STEAM learning resources
  • Meet the schools through Featured School pages
  • Education advice on curriculum and choosing a school
  • Relocation support options around the world

Discover & Learn

Join us to discover how children and young people are being inspired and educated to look for opportunities and contribute to solving some of the big issues engulfing the world.

Fiona Murchie at Think Women Event 2020

Who Should Attend?

Employers and relocation professionals
This is the perfect opportunity to find out how to better support international parents to find school places now and for their next international assignment.

International parents and expatriates
Explore all you need to know to find the perfect school for your child.


International Schools’ Fair 2023

Future Ready Education for Future Ready Success

with Kate Carden-Brown (Epsom College, Malaysia)

This webinar is part of our International Education & Schools Fair 2023.

Kate Carden-Brown, Director of Admissions and Head of Higher Education at Epsom College, Malaysia, talks to Think Global People & Relocate Global founder Fiona Murchie about how we can ensure students are offered an education that makes them ‘future ready’

“We have lots of opportunities to take part in public speaking. When we talk about being future ready it’s how you present yourself and how you come across. That’s something we focus on. ”

Kate Carden-Brown

The importance of STEAM for children and the future

In this thought-provoking 30 minute webinar we explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) in schools, bringing them together in lessons, rather than teaching them separately. What does STEAM mean in the education context for children of all ages and why is this important today, against a backdrop of global skill shortages and a fast-changing working environment?

Ryan Ball, Director of Education, Design and Technology Association and Steven Katz, ES Coordinator, The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) share insights for parents selecting schools and supporting their children and young people to the next stage of education and the world of work.

“We’re teaching students the thinking skills to solve problems within this integrated type of curriculum.”

Steven Katz

“The STEM approach has been focused historically on sciences and maths, but I’m passionate as an educator and parent about bringing design and art into this space, which promotes creative problem solving.”

Ryan Ball

How to choose the right university for your globally mobile teen

Deciding on which university to go to is one of the biggest decisions you and your teenager will make together. How can you support your teen in making the right choices around their higher education degree and University? What should parents be looking for and how early should you start planning?

In this 25 minute webinar, journalist Marianne Curphey talks to Fiona McKenzie, Head of Carfax Education UAE, to discuss what to look for and how to apply. In the context of global mobility they also explore with Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor, why it is important for corporate employers and the relocation professionals supporting international assignments to understand the priorities of parents with older children.

“The planning, research and profile building for a successful university application can be three years in advance, if not four for US universities, so that you keep doors open in terms of subject choice, and have time to investigate your options.”

Fiona McKenzie

The key takeaways from this discussion are summarised now in our article, Eight things to bear in mind when choosing a university for your globally minded teen.

Helping Children Find Their Voice

A 20-minute webinar on building confidence in children aged 6 to 12, helping them find opportunities and build resilience, so that they have the skills to pursue their dreams.

Ellen Shustik, head of programmes and external relations, for the charitable foundation Inner Wings, on why helping young children and especially girls to develop a growth mindset, realise their unique potential and improve their public speaking skills is so important, today and for their future careers.

“Age 8 -14 girls’ confidence drops about 30%, which is quite significant, and we want to see all children, but particularly girls, have that confidence to enter male-dominated STEAM industries.”

Ellen Shustik

Mission Discovery Space and STEM with ISSET and NASA

This 1-hour webinar is an extraordinary opportunity to learn from NASA Astronauts and Space Scientists.

Sarah Murray, head of operations, former NASA leader and Chris Barber, founder and chief executive of International Space School Educational Trust (ISSET) present Mission Discovery: how they bring space to schools around the world, both via their virutal schools programme and also by in-person school visits from astronauts.

“We had the idea to develop a programme that brought together astronauts, NASA leaders, scientists and gave young people the opportunity to create experiements which we could fly out and implement at the International Space Station.”

Chris Barber on the Mission Discovery Programme

Mission Discovery Events to get involved in

Mission Discovery Kings College 2023

14-18 year olds

Mission Discovery International Space & STEM Summer Schools
Kings College, London

ISSET launch prize for schools

12-18 year olds

Launch Prize for Schools
An interactive virtual challenge to run your own private competition exclusively for your pupils… Ensuring your school’s experiment launches to the International Space Station.


ISSET Space to Learn

Children of all ages

Space to learn!
Find out about astronaut visits in person, as well as the option of a LIVE virtual show with an astronaut presentation (on a topic of your choice) and a Q & A, beamed directly into your classroom!