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Stakeholder input in global mobility planning, decision-making and performance outcomes

by | Jul 6, 2023

The movement of individuals to different countries on assignment involves a wide range of stakeholders and requires excellent co-ordination, communication and efficiencies if the desired performance outcomes are to be achieved. Dr Sue Shortland explains.

International mobility involves a wide range of stakeholder groups. Most obviously there is the individual who is being moved abroad to take up an international assignment along with any accompanying family members. In addition though there will be input in terms of the decision-making from the home and host country line managers, the Human Resources Department, the talent function and, of course global mobility professionals tasked with ensuring that the move goes ahead. It is unlikely that international mobility will be managed completely internally and hence there will also be a wide range of service providers who take responsibility for ensuring that the various provisions of the relocation policy are put into place and delivered both efficiently and cost effectively….

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