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An interview with Niki Holterman, Director at Eerde International Boarding School talks to Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor of Relocate Global about the schools deep local and global connection and the benefits of a small school with small class sizes.

Eerde International Boarding School is a unique boarding school with small class sizes and a bespoke education. The school welcomes students ages 4 -19 and offers a rich education where they will learn to share opinions and ideas allowing them to evolve their views and perspectives in life.The educational school with small interactive classes offers a range of curriculum, for primary education Eerde teaches both International Primary Years Curriculum and Cambridge Primary, for middle school education Eerde teaches both International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) and Cambridge Lower Secondary, for high school Eerde teaches IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) and is a candidate school for the IBCP.The school is situated on a wooded country estate where children can enjoy wonderful scenery and plenty of fresh air. The children ample space to develop as individuals and as part of a commmunity. The elegant 18th century castle at the heart of the estate symbolises the quality of the education.In this interview:

  • Benefits of boarding
  • How children thrive in small classes offering individial attention for all.
  • Importance of being around nature and the freedom of countryside
  • Range of outdoor sport and activites: Horse Riding, Skiing, Football and more
  • Rich cultrual experience: Arts, Music, Theatrical, Museums
  • Balanced education and enriching environment
  • Flexibility international
  • Easy access to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague

Speaker :

Niki Holterman
Niki Eerd

Niki is passionate about business management, investment, innovation, and sustainability. She graduated on an MBA program from a Top 100 business school in the world and enjoyed her time studying abroad. Being an International student herself, it gave her valuable lessons and a humble view in life. She grew huge respect for the values of integrity, stewardship, courage, and compassion. Niki now represents primary to secondary levels of education. In Eerde we offer high-quality international education. In small classes with individual attention because we have such small classes, there is specific individual attention for all students. Not only if they need extra support because they have difficulties with subjects, but also for students who need more of a challenge. There are more than twenty nationalities at Eerde International Boarding School, English is the official language. The castle is situated in a beautiful estate managed by Natuurmonumenten.


Fiona Murchie

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Managing Editor, Relocate Global, Relocate Magazine and Think Global People