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What is a reverse assignment? How to make the best use of your talent after acquisitions

by | May 23, 2023

How does a global organisation make the most of its diverse talent, provide equal opportunities for individuals from different social classes and ethnicities, and foster a clear-defined and inclusive culture?

These are the challenges that global financial services provider Apex Group has faced as it has more than quadrupled its head count and increased its global presence over the past three years. Apex Group has grown from 3,000 people in 40 offices to 12,000 plus employees in 94 offices over that period. As the organisation has grown, it has focused on offering employees new opportunities and the chance to move between global offices.

“For us, it’s not just looking at linear promotions,” says Vikita Patel, Chief Human Resources Officer. “It might also be opportunities that take employees outside of their comfort zone to learn new skills, or global mobility opportunities to experience a different culture and work in a different role.”

Following the pandemic, people are thinking differently about what they want out of their careers and their aspirations. Vikita sees her HR role as an opportunity to think creatively about how to support new and existing staff to reach their full potential. In return, this makes good business sense as well as Apex Group has offices located in all the major financial hubs where competition for talent is often fierce.

A key part of the strategy is the JUMP (Jurisdictional Unique Mobility Program) programme, a novel approach to ensure that Apex has the right talent in the right places. This enables employees to explore new countries and cultures through short-term assignments or long-term secondments in various locations across the Group. For new colleagues joining via acquisition, this initiative showcases some of the benefits for their career of now being part of a global group.


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